Project Case Studies


Safety System Upgrade

An innovative solution to ‘breathe new life’ into a safety system that was difficult to operate, fault-find and maintain.

Client: Australian Paper, Maryvale
Project Title: Updating old safety systems to comply with current (AS4024) standards.
Project Brief: To provide a cost effective, easy to operate safety system on refurbished equipment that is AS4024 compliant.

Technical objective
PB Automation has been asked to provide a new system, that is a cost effective, reliable and easy to operate alternative.
  • PBA is presently delivering a new solution that is based on the use of a single safety PLC. This solution will provide for all the safety aspects required on the machine.
  • The existing safety system was difficult to operate, fault-find and maintain.
  • The new safety system addresses each of these aspects by means of a structured and consistent electrical design,and software design. It provides operating and fault status (and location) to the operators by means of graphically displayed information on an HMI touch panel.
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