PB Automation exists to make

– the complex straightforward,
– the difficult easy,
– the complicated simple.

Eradicating obstacles and smoothing processes make your business and life goals easier to achieve.

That's what we do.

It’s not always easy, but PB Automation never shies from a challenge. Companies constantly search for opportunities to streamline operations and we do not rest until we provide and implement them. Our industrial automation solutions offer robust and reliable control systems, enabling companies to be more efficient and 100% confident in the technology they use.

The harder the challenge, the more determined we are to rise to it. While we provide clarity and elegant, simple solutions, finding them isn’t always straightforward. Perseverance is key and we’re open to long journeys as long as they culminate in our clients’ desired destination.

Indeed that is embedded in the DNA of PB Automation. Founders Pieter de Boer and Maria Brouwers moved to Australia from The Netherlands seeking an environment that would encourage and reward ingenuity. Their desire for change 24 years ago, was inspired by the motivation of innovation, quality of life and the opportunity to reach their full potential as individuals as well as together. It was the right move and led to the creation of the company in 2000. Their partnership is a cornerstone of their success; together they worked with heartfelt determination to overcome the challenges presented by moving to a new country and that experience and drive is key in how PB Automation works now.

PB Automation believes in empowerment. We empower our clients to realise their potential by streamlining operations with innovative systems. As a result, we also provide a platform allowing employees to do the same. Confidence in our solutions frees the mind for innovative thinking.

We’re not here to do your business for you. We’re here to make operations within your organisation so simple that you have the freedom to concentrate on your core service; providing a platform to grow and allowing you to be the best that you can be.