Finding faults so you don't have to

MAPS is a fault-finding solution that locates faults in your automation systems - in seconds.

No matter how robust your automated process technology, faults do occur and they cost money every second you’re offline.

MAPS reduces those losses by immediately identifying the location of the problem, saving you time, money and stress.

The product is in keeping with our mantra of
Innovate. Automate. Simplify.

Fault resolution can be divided into two parts:
• Determination of the location and nature of the fault
• Fault rectification

While the second cannot be automated, we insist the first part can. Traditionally, locating a fault is a manual process that might involve personnel from different parts of your business working together in a process of elimination. It’s inefficient and at PBA we exist to limit inefficiency. Our system automates this part of the process by directing you immediately to the part of your system where the fault is located. This offers unparalleled plant efficiency.

PB Automation has looked at various ways to automate the tedious elements of the fault-finding process and has created a tool that provides maintenance personnel with the diagrams and technical documentation that show the location of the fault and associated circuitry.

MAPS is a software solution linked to your automation systems. The automation systems invoke MAPS to identify the location of an electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic fault.

MAPS is a vendor-neutral, standalone, solution and can as such be used with any SCADA or DCS based automation system.

Modern installations highlight a fault by way of an alarm on a computer screen but proffer no more information. When using MAPS, a ‘click’ on the alarm line will invoke the software thus provide the information that is instrumental in pinpointing the location of the fault.

As with all PBA products, our MAPS solution hides the complex nature of the product behind a simple, clear interface that ensures simplicity of use for those working with it.

MAPS is a stunning example of efficiency realised.