Project Case Studies


Remote Control Vibrators

An innovative solution to an industrial automation control systems installed on the MV “CSL Atlantic” in 2010.

“To develop a new product that will allow the crane operators on ships to remotely operate the hopper vibrator controls as required.”

Client: CSL Australia
Project Title: Commercial Product Development
Project Brief: To provide CSL Australia crane drivers with the ability to operate the vibrators on the hoppers.

The delivered solution is wireless as the installation of a wired solution was not practical. In short, the crane driver pushes a button that (via a wireless link) requests the PLC to run the vibrators; time restrictions apply preventing the continuous operation of the vibrators.

Technical objective
Technical objective PBA developed a new product to remotely control vibrators on ships. Some ships have four cranes to take bulk products from the cargo holds to a hopper on deck. Sometimes the product doesn’t flow well through the hopper, so vibrators are used. The aim is to allow the crane operators to remotely operate the vibrators, as required.

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